It will have been impossible not to have been shocked by the effect of this summer’s storms upon the Caribbean in general, and upon yacht charter destinations in particular.

Along with the much publicized damage to the British Virgin Islands, and the yacht charter winter ‘hub’ of Sint Maarten, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria have touched less frequented islands from the Turks & Caicos to Dominica. St Barths for example, especially Gustavia Port was severely inundated, and Iles des Saintes badly damaged. Other than our own interests in the yachting and vacation locales our thoughts also go to all peoples affected, from BV Islanders or Virgin Gorda reliant on employment in resorts that may not be as we have come to know them, to those working on now flattened banana plantations in Guadeloupe.

Yacht Charter Specialists believe that our role now is to continue providing the best yachts to what are still breath-taking destinations. The sun still shines in the Caribbean, the crystal clear waters are still 82f, the beaches still white with fine sand. Everyday, thanks to the resilience and strength of local people, normality is returning to the Caribbean.

For a winter cruising destination it is also worth remembering that there was no effect south of Dominica. St Lucia and the glorious Grenadines island chain to Grenada were untouched. North of Dominica many islands are ‘open for business’ including Antigua and St Kitts & Nevis.

While recognizing the terrible and tragic events that have without doubt challenged some Caribbean islands like never before, we at Yacht Charter Specialists feel it incumbent on us to encourage charterers to continue with their plans this winter for cruising the Caribbean. Spectacular vacations on luxurious yachts to beautiful tropical islands have not disappeared, and the fortitude of Caribbean island people will replace the memories of this summer’s tragic hurricanes.