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Experience World Class Luxury With a BVI Crewed Yacht Charter

Here at Yacht Charter Specialists we offer a bespoke service helping clients from all over the world detail a splendid skippered yacht charter vacation. One of our most requested services is for assistance with a BVI yacht charter – and once you have visited this fabulous Caribbean destination, you will understand why.

The British Virgin Islands are often referred to as “Natures Little Secrets”. Most locally based sailing yachts offer packages which include the customs & immigration fees within the charter rate, and also offer a free ship’s bar.

The British Virgin Islands – The Perfect Sailing Destination

The BVIs consist of Tortola (capital), Jost van Dyke (JVD), Norman Island, Peter Island, Cooper Island, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, Scrub Island, Great Camanoe Island, and Guana Island.

The BVIs are a chain of small islands semi-protected from the winter swells, which means that you can always seek a protected anchorage at night time for a good night’s sleep. A BVI sailing holiday in this location provides you with exactly what you imagine your dream vacation to be – with crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, along with great snorkeling and diving.

It is not possible to fly directly to Tortola or Virgin Gorda from continental USA. US flights are normally routed through either San Juan Puerto Rico or St Thomas. This complicates your travel arrangements slightly and increases your travel time a little; however it also allows you to see more of this fabulous part of the world.

If your chosen BVI charter does not offer St Thomas pickups, you do still have the option to fly into St Thomas and to take a local ferry directly to the BVI. Alternatively, we can arrange a private water taxi for you.

There is also a seaplane service that offers transfers from Puerto Rico directly to North Sound Virgin Gorda, so your yacht can await your arrival in this location. When coming from Europe, it is usual to take a local airline from Antigua or St Maarten. When using our services we will advise you on the best travel options.

Sailing through the BVI is wonderful with around 10 different islands to visit during your cruise. Sails tend to be approximately 2 hours between islands on a sailing yacht – the longest sail being approximately 4 hours. There are plenty of secluded anchorages to explore in the BVI as well as famous bars in certain anchorages, so you have the choice during your cruise if you prefer the quieter side of the BVI, or if you’d like to visit the famous Soggy Dollar Bar on JVD. This is the perfect cruising destination where you have the choice to anchor in a secluded bay or in a busier location.

You can choose to sail in protected waters or experience more challenging seas; all the time knowing that you can return to a protected anchorage at night time. All the BVIs are volcanic, with the exception of Anegada which is a coral atoll; it lies to the north of Virgin Gorda. Anegada is blessed with beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, and is famous for its Anegada Lobsters. There is great diving in the BVI.

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Why Choose The BVI For A Luxury Yacht Vacation?

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a great location for your a sailing vacation, for experienced sailors and non-experienced sailors alike. The BVI delivers how guests expect the Caribbean islands to be; with crystal clear turquoise safe waters for swimming, beautiful white sandy beaches and different islands to explore every day. The advantage that the BVI has over other Caribbean destinations is that it has numerous islands to discover and they are semi-protected, so when the winter trade winds are blowing you can always enjoy sailing and find a flat anchorage for a good night’s sleep.

What Makes The British Virgin Islands Special?

Otherwise known as ‘Natures Little Secrets’ these islands are stunning! Every island in the BVI island chain is different, and during your holiday you can explore a different island each day! Because the BVI’s are made up of a group of islands you have semi-protected sailing down the famous Sir Francis Drake Channel which means that when the winter trade winds are blowing, you can always sail safely in the BVIs and enjoy a good sheltered anchorage at night time to get a great nights sleep.

The BVI is blessed with numerous beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that make it the perfect charter destination. Not only is it great for sailing, it is also perfect for snorkeling and diving in the crystal clear turquoise waters. In the winter months the water temperature is around 76 Fahrenheit, and in the summer months it is around 82 Fahrenheit – so just perfect! The BVI have one of the best wreck dives in the Caribbean off Salt Island called the RMS Rhone, that is a must for divers.

There are great hikes on most of the tiny islands offering panoramic views of the Sir Francis Drake Channel and the BVI chain. So for charter guests who enjoy exploring and who like to get off the yacht to exercise, the BVI is a great destination to do this. Do take your camera with you – it’s stunning!

If sunning on a beach is your idea of a great vacation, then the BVIs will most definitely deliver. You can visit the beautiful beaches on Virgin Gorda including the famous beaches making up The Baths, where you can climb among giant granite boulders. Additionally, there are plenty of famous beach bars to chill out and enjoy a local rum punch or “painkiller” during your holiday.

Why Choose Us As Your Broker?

As a brokerage company, we are based in the Caribbean. We have extensive knowledge of the islands that make up the BVI chain, and we use that knowledge to help you to plan the perfect itinerary. We will listen to you to find out exactly what you want to do during your holiday and then advise you of the best islands to visit to ensure that you have the most idyllic vacation ever!

Whether you want to have a quiet chilled-out break, spend time visiting the local fun beach bars, or explore the great underwater world of the BVI, we can assist you with this and more. We can help you decide, and explain the differences between a catamaran yacht, motor yachts and classic sailing yachts. You can rely on us, as we are specialists in our field and have brokered hundreds of crewed yacht all inclusive holidays for delighted families, couples, and groups of friends.

Call us now on 855 722 6544 (US/CAN) or 0203 695 6195 (UK) for more information on luxury yacht charters in the BVI.