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Your charter yacht is the ideal platform from which to explore the local islands if you are interested in flora & fauna and beach combing. You can spend some time ashore exploring or strolling along a stunning deserted white sandy beach.  Dependent upon your destination of choice we can also arrange for a local guide to walk with you to point out the local flora & fauna.  In the Caribbean there is so much to see with beautiful tropical plants and flowers.  No wonder the tiny Caribbean Island of Grenada always wins Gold at the famous annual Chelsea Flower Show.  The diverse flora & fauna available on this island is incredible!  In Martinique and St Lucia you will discover bananas plantations open to visitors.

In the Caribbean you also have a wealth of historic sites that you can visit.  In St John US Virgin Islands you have the disused Annaberg Sugar Mill & Rum Distillery.  On the island of St Kitts you have the impressive Brimstone Fortress and numerous sugar plantations that now offer lunch or dinner to guests. On the French Caribbean Island of Terre-de-Haut in the Îles des Saintes you have Fort Napoleon.  On St Lucia you have the famous Pitons; listed as a World Heritage Site. And in Grenada there are numerous rum distilleries still producing rum using the old traditional methods using machinery that is over 200 years old.  Rivers Rum is an incredible place to visit during your Grenadines yacht charter.  The water from the River Antoine powers the machinery at the rum distillery and it is still in perfectly good working order after all these years of use.  They take the locally grown sugar cane and turn it into high proof rum of 78 percent alcohol.

In the Mediterranean there are a plethora of World Heritage Sites , so please contact us and we can advice you of the best yachting destinations where you can explore historic sites during your luxury yacht charter.

If you are interested in incorporating visits to historic sites during your charter this can also be arranged. All you need to do is contact us to discuss your requirements and we can ensure that this is incorporated into your yacht vacation itinerary.