Whitespotted Filefish

Just spotted this Whitespotted Filefish

Whitespotted Filefish with spot phase

Whitespotted Filefish with white spot phase

Whitespotted Filefish normal phase

Whitespotted Filefish normal phase

One of our favorite Caribbean charter yachts has just reported seeing this Whitespotted Filefish. When the fish swims normally they have no spots; they are olive green on top and orange in color below. However when the fish feels threatened their whole body suddenly has white spots all over them, hence how they get their name. They tend to move around the reef top in pairs. These fish are quite curious and will let you approach them if you move very slowly with a nonthreatening movement. They can grow to a maximum length of 18 inches when adult.

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You could enjoy spotting these beautiful fish whilst aboard a Crewed Yacht Charter in the Caribbean. You’ll be amazed how many fish there are to see!